Learning From 2020

They say that ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ but if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that no plan should be set in stone and we should pride ourselves on our adaptability. We had all hoped 2021 would be a little more straight forward and in certain ways it has been … Continue reading Learning From 2020

Lockdown Fun For Schools

As the end of the school term for most is now only days away, we asked Eilish McColgan, middle-distance Olympian originally from Dundee, to record videos of some of her favourite running drills and exercises as motivation for children as we move into the early phases of the exit from lockdown. Eilish compared her disappointment … Continue reading Lockdown Fun For Schools

World Championships Doha

It’s scary how fast time flies. It feels like only last year we were preparing for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and that Tokyo was a far and distant dream. Yet here we are coming to the end of 2019 with 2020 on our horizon. Every January I write up my goals for the … Continue reading World Championships Doha

Precision Hydration Interview

Eilish McColgan on preparing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo By Chris Knight | 8 Minute Read Precision Hydration are excited to welcome two-time Olympian Eilish McColgan onto the team ahead of an exciting year as she bids to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Eilish represented Great Britain at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, … Continue reading Precision Hydration Interview

British Championships 2019

2.9.19 The major Championships are always on an athlete’s radar. Every athlete strives to be there. But the deciding factor as to whether you become part of that national team or are left sitting at home watching it on the TV comes down to two things. A qualifying time and your position at the British … Continue reading British Championships 2019

Find your Team

6.6.19 Most youngsters take their first step into running through a PE teacher or a local athletics club and I was no different. I joined the Dundee Hawkhill Harriers as an under 13 athlete and have never looked back. Not in my wildest dreams did I believe that almost sixteen years later, athletics would now … Continue reading Find your Team

One blip in the road isn’t going to stop me

26.3.19 I had a great few months of training in Kenya and Doha over the Christmas period and coming off the back of a 10K road personal best my endurance was stronger than ever. It was exciting to feel fit and healthy heading into my first major championships of the year – Glasgow 2019. The … Continue reading One blip in the road isn’t going to stop me

2019 Plans

1.1.19: The start of the year always marks a turning point in my training. As the bells chime to announce 2019, my mindset becomes narrower, focussing on my aims for the 365 days ahead. Over the winter months, my training is a little monotonous; bigger volume; shorter recovery; more repetition. But as the new year … Continue reading 2019 Plans

Sometimes it’s not about PBs

14.9.18 I say it time and time again, but athletics is a real rollercoaster. I started 2018 high on confidence and looking forward to attacking three major championships within the one season. Perhaps it was a little bit too ambitious but every athlete has big goals and even bigger dreams. On paper, this hasn’t been … Continue reading Sometimes it’s not about PBs

Keep Showing Up!

24.07.19 “The experience brings the knowledge. The persistence brings success.” After ten years in this sport, you’d think I would know it inside and out. But every year throws out a different curve ball. Some of which I am prepared to handle but sometimes the scenario isn’t as straight forward and as frustrating as this … Continue reading Keep Showing Up!

And onto Plan B…

It’s safe to say the last few months haven’t exactly gone to plan. Since returning from Kenya in February I just haven’t been feeling right. It all kicked off with a virus and things seemed to snowball, or more accurately, avalanche, from there.  Health is always a tricky one for professional athletes as we tread … Continue reading And onto Plan B…

Commonwealth Games 2018

The 2018 Commonwealth Games were always an important part of my year. It’s not very often that we get to shove on the saltire and run around feeling like the Jacobites – competing for Scotland makes the event that little bit more special. We knew years in advance that they would be taking place in … Continue reading Commonwealth Games 2018

Hello illness, my old friend!

2018 started with high hopes and new dreams. Kicking off the new year with a personal best over 10K, I was confident to continue my good run of form from 2017. Unfortunately my successful streak came to an abrupt halt at the recent World Indoor Championships. Since coming back from my training camp in Kenya, … Continue reading Hello illness, my old friend!

Starting 2018 in style!

It was great to start 2018 the way I had finished 2017 – with a new PB! Competing over the 10k in Doha, I came away with the win, clocking a new PB of 31.50 minutes. This was a fair bit quicker than my time last year over the same course and I ended up … Continue reading Starting 2018 in style!

New Year, same old me!

It feels like only yesterday we were heading into 2017, yet here I am about to embark on a brand new year – they do say time flies when you’re having fun! The new year brings about a chance to reflect on the year just gone. What worked, what didn’t, what changes will we implement … Continue reading New Year, same old me!

Road Racing Season!

The winter grind is well and truly underway. After enjoying some time off, I threw myself back into the deep end with some races! Although it was a shock to the system, I love to race. It forces me into a competitive mindset and helps me to switch off from holiday mode. First up was … Continue reading Road Racing Season!

2017 you’ve been a blast!

It’s been a whirlwind month. After a huge 3000m personal best in Monaco, I was gearing up for the World Championships in the best shape of my life. Finding the balance between training hard and tapering off for racing is something I’ve always struggled to do in previous years. But this year, we seem to … Continue reading 2017 you’ve been a blast!

Five PBs Rounds Up A Dream Track Season

It’s been a whirlwind month. After a huge 3000m personal best in Monaco, I was gearing up for the World Championships in the best shape of my life. Finding the balance between training hard and tapering off for racing is something I’ve always struggled to do in previous years. But this year, we seem to … Continue reading Five PBs Rounds Up A Dream Track Season

Monaco DL

It’s four years since I last raced at the Monaco Diamond League, and as it’s one of the most prestigious races on the athletics calendar I couldn’t wait to return. Not only is it beautifully scenic, it’s renowned for being fast and with the World Championships just around the corner – every athlete toeing the line … Continue reading Monaco DL


The London 2012 Olympics was my first major championship. It was a huge step up in competition for a young Scottish lass who was more at home racing the cross-country routes over the dunes of Irvine or competing in front of the empty stands at Grangemouth Stadium. It was a monumental experience and propelled me … Continue reading LONDON 2017 HERE WE COMEEEEEE!

The dreaded DNF

The dreaded DNF. In all my years of running I have avoided getting a DNF next to my name but unfortunately I didn’t finish my last race. Mentally, it’s been a tough one to get over. I’m usually really strong minded and tend to push through anything that is troubling me, so pulling out of … Continue reading The dreaded DNF

Back on track again

Very rarely does life follow the path we intend it to and in athletics, it seems to be even more uncertain. Over the last three weeks I’ve gone from executing plan A with military precision, to currently having to resort to an unprecedented plan H. My first two weeks in Flagstaff couldn’t have gone better … Continue reading Back on track again

10,000m Debut

I knew it was going to be challenging running my first 10,000m on the track. Timing wise, it perhaps wasn’t the smartest idea to take it on so soon after the European Indoors.  However, doing one at this stage will allow me to focus on the shorter distances in preparation for the World Championships in … Continue reading 10,000m Debut

European Indoor MEDAL!!!

For the last few years, I’ve watched the indoor championships from the comfort of my sofa and it’s something I’ve always wanted to be a part of, but unfortunately due to injury or illness, I’ve always missed out. Although all eyes were on Laura Muir I still felt a great deal of pressure. And it … Continue reading European Indoor MEDAL!!!

Back To Altitude

Maintaining peak fitness is a very thin line to tread. Often when you are in the best physical shape of your life, you’re also most susceptible to picking up an injury or illness. I was really looking forward to the prospect of spending a gruelling three weeks up in the high altitude of Kenya with … Continue reading Back To Altitude

Doha Sunshine

It’s amazing how quickly a three week stint of training can pass by. I’m now approaching my last few days in Doha, Qatar with another training camp on the horizon. First up, I have a 10k race early on Friday morning. And when I say early, I mean EARLY. It will be the earliest I’ve … Continue reading Doha Sunshine

Finally Some Good News

The festive period is a hectic time for everyone and for me that is certainly no exception. Not only does my training load begin to bite but I also have the added stress of getting things into place before heading abroad for over two months. The prospect of living out of one bag may not … Continue reading Finally Some Good News

Wintering Well

Winter is well and truly underway and although we hadn’t planned for me to race until 24 November (a 4 mile road race in Manchester, USA), I actually ended up racing a 10k race at the beginning of the month. My coach, being the hard task-master she is, entered me for The Leeds Abbey Dash … Continue reading Wintering Well

Olympics Done – What’s Next?

It was amazing to finally take time out for an end of season break, especially with a successful summer under my belt.  Now back in the UK, switching back into training mode isn’t easy. Taking a break and having a holiday is not like an injury-forced rest where you are bursting at the seams to … Continue reading Olympics Done – What’s Next?

Olympic Diary – Rio 2016

And in an flash – it’s over. Four years of preparation.The hard graft of training, the blood, the sweat, the blisters and the tears…all for one moment. There is no question that every single athlete toeing the start line has survived the roller-coaster of injuries and illnesses. With dogged determination, they’ve made it to the … Continue reading Olympic Diary – Rio 2016

Success in the genes- Athletics Weekly

September 29, 2016 It’s often said that to succeed in sport you need to choose your parents carefully, but is having champions as parents a blessing or a curse? Eilish McColgan gives her views From a young age, I was engulfed in athletics. All I remember is growing up in an environment surrounded by two … Continue reading Success in the genes- Athletics Weekly

London Diamond League

I dropped down from a stint at altitude to race the London Diamond League last Friday. It was amazing to be back in the Olympic Stadium once again. Racing the 1500m was certainly a shock to the system. I really struggled to keep up with the speed of the girls over the first lap, but … Continue reading London Diamond League

July – European Championships

I never thought I would be disappointed with a 6th place finish at the European Championships but sadly, I am. The good thing is that both myself and my coach know where we’ve gone wrong. There was such a huge build up to the Olympic Trials – a pressure I had never really felt before … Continue reading July – European Championships


Jun 30th 2016It seemed like a very distant dream. Lying on the sofa, recovering from ankle surgery, I scrawled down on a big piece of paper – RIO 2016. Underneath, I posted the qualifying times I needed to make the team. 3000m Steeplechase – 9.45, 5000m – 15.24, 10,000m – 32.15. As I hobbled across … Continue reading MY SECOND OLYMPIC GAMES!

Olympic Trial Prep

Jun 5th 2016 After a hectic few months, it’s been lovely to finally unpack my bags and stay settled in the one place for a few weeks. After travelling around with training camps and races across the world, it’s nice to finally get my body clock back to normal and to resume my typical training … Continue reading Olympic Trial Prep

May – Stanford 5K

May 8th 2016It was always going to be a nerve-racking moment; toeing the start line of a completely new discipline, after a long spell out of the sport. But equally, I was excited to be back racing again and to kick things off! My track season could not have started any better. After a really … Continue reading May – Stanford 5K

April – Carlsbad 5K

Apr 3rd 2016 Heading into an Olympic year is stressful for an athlete. But for an athlete coming back from injury, it’s even more so. With limited races around Europe to gain qualifying time, it becomes a bit of a rat race to secure your spot on the start lists. My plan had been to … Continue reading April – Carlsbad 5K

Armagh 5k

Feb 16th 2016 Sadly my initial two weeks in Kenya didn’t go to plan but thankfully the second half went much more smoothly. At long last I put an end to my niggling injury problems and enjoyed a solid two weeks of training. Playing catch-up at altitude is very demanding on the body. Every day … Continue reading Armagh 5k

A New Year Beckons

The New Year often brings around change. For some, it may be a fresh start or the opportunity to set a new goal for the forthcoming 365 days. Everyone starts with the best intentions but unfortunately many fall off the bandwagon well before the calendar turns to February. For me, it really is a fresh … Continue reading A New Year Beckons

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