Olympic Trial Prep

Jun 5th 2016


After a hectic few months, it’s been lovely to finally unpack my bags and stay settled in the one place for a few weeks. After travelling around with training camps and races across the world, it’s nice to finally get my body clock back to normal and to resume my typical training routine. The last 3 weeks have been nothing but hard graft, with the Olympic Trials taking place at the end of this month (26th June), i’ve got back into some consistent training with the hope of peaking at the right time.


In amongst my hard training block, I actually stepped down in distance to race over the 1500m. It was certainly a shock to the system, running a much faster pace than I have in training all year but I loved every 4 minutes and 9 seconds of it – exactly! It was also another personal best time which surprised me a little due to the fact i’ve been in such a heavy training block and was racing on some very tired little legs! I definitely feel there a good few seconds to knock off with some fresh legs underneath me. As a distance runner, when you are in good, strong shape over the 5,000m – you are more than likely in PB shape for most other distances. It’s been nice to really make the most of my fitness as it’s been a long and stressful process to get to this point13394110_971172636337811_1287681998297723715_n

After training the majority of this year alone, I was extremely fortunate to join in with a group of athletes based in Wythenshaw, Manchester for a particularly hard session last weekend. It made such a HUGE difference having a group of boys to chase! I don’t particularly mind training alone, it gives me time to really think and focus on the job at hand however, I have to admit that over the longer sessions – training alone can become a bit of a slog. Having loads of athletes around you even if they are doing bits and pieces of the training session, jumping in and out, can have a really big impact. I find it much easier mentally to get through the tough slog-it-out type sessions, focussing on the athletes in front of me rather than how many laps we have left. Jumping on the pain train and hanging on is sometimes what I need in order to push myself to the limits.


After having a week of summer sunshine, the weather has quickly taken a turn for the worst. In the past I would have moaned and groaned about heading out for a run in torrential rain storms but this time around, I have no concerns about getting drenched! I’m still spending a lot of time on the cross trainer in order to avoid picking up any major injuries and so i’m savouring every minute I get to spend outside rather than staring at the wall for 40 minutes! I’ve actually just bought a second hand cross trainer which has been brilliant. It means that I no longer have to travel to and from the gym and have no excuses to avoid supplementing my training when it’s literally 10 steps from my bed! The only problem I have is that the cross trainer is HUGE…so huge that we can’t actually move it! It’s currently sitting just inside the front door and is too wide to fit through the door frames of any other room. It’s definitely become a talking piece when the drug testers come to visit! My boyfriend’s dog, Cooper, is also not too happy about the situation as it’s replaced where his basket sits in the hallway. Lying on the stairs most evenings, watching me on the cross trainer, I can tell he’s wondering what in the world I’m doing and why this huge monstrosity is taking over his house!

I have one final week of tough training before things start to ease down in preparation for the trials. I can’t wait to back off a little and to remember what a pair of fresh legs feel like – it’s been a long time since I had a rest day so i’ll be relishing every minute. The hard work is almost done and then it’s crunch time.

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