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One year today

July 15th, 2012 Sitting in Gatwick airport waiting for my flight back to Scotland is a stark reminder of how things were a lot darker this exact time last year. At the Crystal Palace meeting – exactly one year ago – I broke my foot during the steeplechase and spent my return journey home, through … Continue reading One year today

What a week!

Jun 25, 2012 Currently on my loooong drive home from Birmingham, bored in the car and so no better time to write my latest blog! I’ve really enjoyed keeping these little blogs as I feel it’s something that I’ll be able to look back in years to come and fully remember everything that’s happened! It’s … Continue reading What a week!

Oslo Diamond League

 Jun 12, 2012. I apologise in advance as this will probably end up being a huuuuge blog but there is a lot of stuff to cover and I have nothing to do for the next hour or so!   Last time I spoke about how excited I was to participate in my first ever International … Continue reading Oslo Diamond League

Race Season begins

May 28, 2012 Manchester BMC I was not particularly looking forward to my first 5k of the year. After missing so much of my winter training and base mileage, I knew it wasn’t going to be an enjoyable experience! I actually felt a lot better than I had expected though and only really struggled over … Continue reading Race Season begins

It’s Amazing The Difference One Day Makes…

May 14th 2012 So it has been a week since my race in the Olympic Stadium. I decided to stay on a few days extra down in London with Howell and his family. The whole week I was down, I stayed at his godparents house in Middle Temple – it was amazing. Their apartment is … Continue reading It’s Amazing The Difference One Day Makes…

Olympic Stadium

May 4th 2012 Yesterday I was extremely fortunate to get the opportunity to step inside the Olympic Stadium! I had seen pictures of from when it was still being built a few months ago but it is completely different, actually being there. The stadium is UNBELIEVABLE. As soon as I stepped inside, I wanted to … Continue reading Olympic Stadium

Shock to the system

Apr 19th 2012 It’s been a few weeks since my last blog – mainly because the internet connection in Portugal wasn’t the best. A few things have also changed since then! I decided against my first ever trip to altitude, Font Romeu – with UKA. There were many reasons for this but mainly I decided … Continue reading Shock to the system

Portugal Warm Weather Begins….

Mar 28th 2012 So… I have safely arrived in Portugal. I obviously wasn’t watching the news back in October, as I totally missed the section explaining that the roof of Faro Airport has been blown off! In place of the normal ‘arrivals’ terminal, there is a tent – I wish I was joking. After chatting … Continue reading Portugal Warm Weather Begins….

It’s funny how a few weeks can make a huge difference.

Mar 22nd 2012 It’s funny how a few weeks can make a huge difference. In my last blog I explained how I had just started to sleep in an altitude tent! Unfortunately after 5 days the generator broke down! It was making a HUGE thudding noise every 5-10 seconds and had a flashing warning light … Continue reading It’s funny how a few weeks can make a huge difference.

Altitude Tents, Spikes, Glaxosmithkline… it’s been a busy past few weeks!

Feb 24th 2012 Altitude Tent This week I have received my first ever altitude tent! Pretty exciting but I also had my concerns over the advantages and disadvantages of taking up this opportunity. I was a bit reluctant at first, mainly because I didn’t really know what I was getting into as I have never … Continue reading Altitude Tents, Spikes, Glaxosmithkline… it’s been a busy past few weeks!

Thank jesus I wasn’t driving

Feb 5th 2012 Currently in the car heading on our 10 hour journey home from Suffolk, so thought it would be a great idea to pass the time and write another blog. I was down in this neck of the woods visiting some of my boyfriends family and unfortunately to attend a funeral. It’s been … Continue reading Thank jesus I wasn’t driving

Bisham Abbey – Olympic Rehab Clinic

Jan 13th 2012 This week I have been down at Bisham Abbey under going an intense rehab program to give myself the best opportunity to return to my full training schedule within the next few weeks, and also to monitor my progress so far. I am very grateful for UKA making the decision to send … Continue reading Bisham Abbey – Olympic Rehab Clinic

Killin Christmas and New Year

Matthew and myself (wearing my xmas pants) cooking.   Just before Christmas, myself and 8 of my training group went to a small house in Killin and had a little faux Christmas! It was really nice to get away from everything and have a few days chilling out! I had just returned to running and … Continue reading Killin Christmas and New Year


I started out this blog as a weekly thing, however I have been so busy with rehab, work and a few other things that I recently keep forgetting to update it! Anyways… I will try and give a bit of a recap of what has been going on over the last 3 weeks. Christmas Lights … Continue reading Nov-Dec

Nearly there..

November 14th 2011 It has been a few weeks since my last blog and it’s due to the fact I haven’t had the time to sit down to even think about writing one! I apologise for the size of this one! I am currently writing this at Edinburgh Airport, extremely bored, however I did just … Continue reading Nearly there..

Busy Times

October 27th 2011 The last couple of days have been pretty tough and I’ve been feeling a bit down about things. Got myself into a little bit of a rut. Went down to London for the day on Thursday for a meeting with the UKA Doctor. I will post more details regarding this when things … Continue reading Busy Times

London Meeting

October 17th 2011 Things have been a lot better this week. I am back walking about (almost normally) wearing this massive boot. I have even been able to start walking in normal trainers. However this has only been for the marathon distance of about…5 metres. Went into university for an exam the other day and … Continue reading London Meeting

Finally some good luck

Things over the past week have gone really well, I’m pretty lucky with the amount of good luck I have received recently. Yesterday was my meeting with the surgeon and I have been informed that I can start back walking! Wooooooo! People were looking at me strangely as I was so excited to be walking … Continue reading Finally some good luck

End of season awards

Found out that I have been nominated for ‘U23 Athlete of the Year’ at the Scottish Athletics Sports Awards. Think I actually may venture out of my flat for this, as it is the 29th October and I would hope to be walking by then! You get one complimentary ticket for yourself however if you … Continue reading End of season awards


  So not much has happened since my last meeting with the surgeon. I am going back sometime next week to see if I can start walking again or not. Fingers crossed I can start weight bearing. The mobility in it has improved so much over the past few days and I am more than … Continue reading Countdown


Thursday 22nd September   Today I had my meeting with the surgeon; I was slightly worried as this decided whether or not the bone had healed, 6 weeks from my surgery.  My CT scan showed that the bone has healed by over 80%, however it is still not fully healed at the very back of … Continue reading D-Day

Finally managed to leave the house

Tuesday 6th September Seen as I am still unable to walk we decided that going on holiday probably wouldn’t be the best idea! So instead, myself, my boyfriend and 3 of my old flat mates went on a 4 day trip to the middle of nowhere for a little break away! We stayed in the … Continue reading Finally managed to leave the house

Tv has saved my life this week

  Saturday 27th August   Thank god for the athletics coverage starting today, it has finally given me something to do! In the past week I have read a disgusting amount of magazines, mainly about the lives of Kerry Katona, Jordan and other pointless people. Also watched 23 episodes of America’s Got Talent, 18 episodes … Continue reading Tv has saved my life this week

On the way up!

Tue 16th August 2011   Things could only possibly get better and slightly happier since my last post! Surgery was just less than a week ago and I was told by the surgeon that it went ‘well’, I have no idea what that means but it’s a positive! I was very nervous about going into … Continue reading On the way up!

How things have turned around for the worst…

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 I’m sitting in a hospital ward watching the same old man walk past my room on crutches backwards and forwards for the past two hour. Never ever have I been so depressed and down in my entire life. How things have turned around for the worst. One minute I was so … Continue reading How things have turned around for the worst…

First Blog… catch up!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011 Hello. This is my first time at blogging, so I will try to keep it interesting and will keep a constant up-to-date report on my weekly races, but I do speak a lot and so apologise in advance for this. This year has been quite a big step-up in competition for … Continue reading First Blog… catch up!