Busy Times

October 27th 2011

The last couple of days have been pretty tough and I’ve been feeling a bit down about things. Got myself into a little bit of a rut. Went down to London for the day on Thursday for a meeting with the UKA Doctor. I will post more details regarding this when things are more clear and for definite. I got a direct flight from Dundee early Thursday morning but it was perfect as it took me straight to London City. I had never been to London before apart from going direct to races on the outskirts of the city. I was slightly worried I would get totally lost trying to head into the centre but it was so easy to work out. I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of New York although it was absolutely freezing.


I got in pretty early and so had 3 hours to kill before my meeting. Decided my best option was to go shopping for a bit. If I had 10p for every person that stared at my massive astronaut boot I would easily be a millionaire. Several people actually stopped me to ask what I had done, they were all very friendly and harmless, but when I told them I broke it running I always got funny looks.  Went into Abercrombie and Fitch (as I absolutely loved the store in NY), but the one in London was not the same. The people are extremely annoying. As soon as you walk in the door they’re harassing you and dancing in your face pretending their loving life. It doesn’t make me want to buy clothes; it makes me want to leave. Anyways I got out of their pretty quickly and made my way to Topshop. It was maaaaaassive and the boss, as in Sir Phillip Green, walked past me with several huge bouncers, which was pretty cool. The only purchase I made was some underwear and a packet of Twizzlers. I think I am having withdrawal symptoms from them. Twizzlers are an American candy, strawberry flavoured, and generally the best thing you will ever taste. My first ever memory of being alive is one of which I am in a buggy, in America, eating Twizzlers. Strange but true. The other day I looked them up online and was considering shipping over several boxes however it was pretty expensive and I definitely do not have enough money at the moment… I will start saving.


I am (hopefully) going to be attending the UKA Aviva Awards on the 26th November, which is my birthday weekend, and so I had already planned to head to London for the weekend with my Boyfriend to visit some of his family and to go shopping! Cannot wait.


Anyways back to what the Doctor said. I still have another 5 weeks in this horrifically huge boot, but I can continue with my cross training and slowly start to increase on that aspect of my rehab program. I also need to start doing little exercises for the small muscles in my foot as they have literally turned to jelly!


Currently on the lookout for a small job as my current job doesn’t have many hours available in order to support myself and I am still not on any funding. Thankfully all my physio and rehab costs are being covered by UKA. However I still need to find some money in order to eat! Haha I laugh just now, but I wont be laughing when I’m at home starving!  Jokinnnnnnng…. Sort of. The foot is getting a lot better though. It is no longer sore to stand or walk on and I don’t feel it at all cross training. The muscles are slowly getting more strength in them and the mobility has masses of improvement in the last few days.

On Sunday I attended a Question Of Sport Live show through at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. My mum was a panelist on a team with Phil Tufnell and rugby player Andy Nicol. It was a pretty funny night with several members of the drunken audience shouting out abuse and wrong answers. Also introduced my mum and my boyfriend to Nandos. They had never had one before! I know… The two of them are weirdo’s…but they absolutely loved it! Eilish wins!


This week I have been busy with workshops as part of the ‘Champions in School’ program I am taking part on. This is in conjunction with the Winning Scotland Foundation. The first workshop was in Glasgow with the Broadcasting Business the second was in Edinburgh with Jamming Fitness. I will upload a more in depth blog on both of these workshops as their concepts and ideas are pretty interesting!


This weekend is just as busy! Everything seems to all be happening at once. I am attending the Scottish Athletics Awards ceremony on Saturday night through at the Mariott Hotel in Glasgow. Looking forward to it however not looking forward to wearing a nice dress and this astronaut boot! Not a good look. On Sunday it is my Boyfriend Howells Bday and so we are going to visit his parents for the day then meet with friends that night. It will be the first time I have seen my friends socially since Feb! Looking forward to it, may even dress up with it being so close to Halloween, hopefully people will think the moon boot is part of my outfit! Haha


Till next time!



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