Tv has saved my life this week


Saturday 27th August


Thank god for the athletics coverage starting today, it has finally given me something to do! In the past week I have read a disgusting amount of magazines, mainly about the lives of Kerry Katona, Jordan and other pointless people. Also watched 23 episodes of America’s Got Talent, 18 episodes of America’s Next Top Model, about 20 films and on YouTube listening to Drake and Lil’ Wayne on repeat. I have been going to the gym every day just to get out the flat! I am only able to do some core and sit-up exercises but its keeping me sane. I really wish I could do some sort of cross training but the surgeon will not let me do a thing for another 4 weeks until my MRI scan.

My meeting with the surgeon went well apart from me trying desperately to hold back my tears. He is very nice, however sometimes I feel he talks down to me and maybe doesn’t realise how much I want to get back into athletics. I know I’m not a surgeon, but I’m also not an idiot. I have done every single thing he has told me to do, however I think he feels that because of who my mum is, and how she always goes with her own thoughts that I will do the same, and maybe try to walk (weight-bare) on my foot too early. When in all honesty, I haven’t even attempted to! I can tell that the foot is nowhere near healed; it feels very weak and still quite numb and I totally respect his advice, he is an expert! Hopefully when I get my MRI scan on the 22nd Sept , everything is healed and I can start walking again. The scar is healing although my foot does look a bit like Frankenstein at the moment <—–


I got a bit upset earlier watching the Athletics, just keep wishing that I could have been healthy and had the opportunity to go to my first ever-major championships! It’s been good so far and GB have put out some strong performances to make finals, can’t wait for the rest of this week! Usain Bolt claims he’s not fit and yet he JOGGED past everyone, amazing! Also have an obsession with the girl beside –>..  Darya Klishina, think every single boy in the world fancies her and every girl wants to be her!  Extremely unfair for someone to be THAT perfect. Bit weird seeing the athletics on C4 and not the BBC. Noticed that A LOT of people are complaining about the presenters and commentators and that its not as good as the BBC. My only real problem with it was the adverts!! There were about 300 (slight exaggeration). Watching the mens 100m’s was painful, after every race there was a big batch of adverts. Massive fan of Rick Edwards though so i’m not complaining that it’s moved to C4, if it means that he is presenting!


Besides from athletics:


I decided to dye my hair yesterday; it was meant to be blonde but went a weird orange colour. Think I have rescued it a little bit but its still a bit weird. I really should go to a hairdresser and get it done but last time it cost me £90!! Yes, £90.. I almost died and haven’t been back since. So, here to home dying for the next few months and putting up with multi-coloured hair!

Hoping to book a really cheap holiday in the next week with my boyfriend so that I can get out of Scotland for a week. Summer weather has been really rubbish this year. Wanting to go somewhere warm and cheap so that I can save up and head to somewhere exotic/long haul next year! Going to postpone the fact that i’m 21 this year and have it next year instead! Gives me an excuse to go away somewhere really nice, end of season 2012.  Somewhere like…. THIS!




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