Finally managed to leave the house

Tuesday 6th September

Seen as I am still unable to walk we decided that going on holiday probably wouldn’t be the best idea! So instead, myself, my boyfriend and 3 of my old flat mates went on a 4 day trip to the middle of nowhere for a little break away! We stayed in the small town of Killin as one of my friends’ parents own a house there. We previously visited over Christmas last year and really enjoyed it. It was so nice to get away for a bit and for all of us to be reunited again! Just made me remember how much I miss all my old flat mates and the fun times we’ve had together. It’s horrible how everyone is getting older and moving on to different things! But it was so nice all having tea together, making pancakes, cakes (well I was mainly doing the eating.. being ‘broken’ :).



With the athletics coverage being finished, I am yet again unsure of how to spend my days! Amazing week though, Mo Farah rightfully getting his World Gold medal, Hannah England with her Silver and the rest of Team GB who all did so well.



Yesterday I hobbled my way into the swimming pool as my scar has eventually healed! Due to my foot being very weak and the bone still healing I have to keep my boot on at all times. I decided to wear another boot that is slightly smaller into the pool to maintain the rigidity of my foot. However with the water resistance and the depth of the gyms pool I couldn’t really get into the right position to pool run. This resulted in my lying on my back with a float and doing some sort of weird ‘running’. I managed to do a short session however as the boot is very heavy in the water it was difficult for me to move my leg at speed. After 25mins of being in the pool I attempted to head home. It took me almost 20mins to put ONE SOCK on!  I thought I was having a minor heart attack. It was really weird and I now realise why the majority of the public hate working out. It was horrible! After I eventually made it home, I spent the next hour lying in bed feeling sorry for myself! I am hoping that things will get a bit easier. My foot today is a bit aggravated so think my best idea is to wait another few days before maybe attempting another ‘work-out’!


Just over 2 weeks until my MRI scan. I am praying that they say it is healed enough in order for them to allow me to start walking again. It’s such a pain hobbling about in crutches all day. There are old people walking faster past me with walking sticks and a lot more serious health problems than me!

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