Killin Christmas and New Year

Matthew and myself (wearing my xmas pants) cooking.


Just before Christmas, myself and 8 of my training group went to a small house in Killin and had a little faux Christmas! It was really nice to get away from everything and have a few days chilling out! I had just returned to running and so was slowly building up my running. We were all looking forward to going sledging but unfortunately it didn’t snow this year! Booooo! However we did manage to find some… After driving about 15mins up a MOUNTAIN, our little cars eventually gave up and we decided to walk the rest. The snow got deeper and deeper the higher we got however after a good 10minutes of the boys throwing snow balls about, we eventually realised it was bloody cold!


Christmas Ice-cream
created by Howell!
Little sister claiming that
thing on her neck is a necklace!

I spent Christmas day with my mum and younger siblings in the morning. They were extremely excited about it all. My little sister was going on and on about these little, annoying toy hamsters that she received! Never seen anyone so excited.. She also went on to explain to me how she ‘actually saw Santa’ and also that she ‘saw a rain-d-e-a out of the window’. Later that night I went over to my boyfriends. After months of him constantly telling me about ‘the best headphones, in like the entire world’, which I took as a hint, I decided to buy them for his christmas, a pair of Dr Dre Beats. I was also spoiled. Howell bought me a small video recorder/camera so that I can film my races and siblings growing up! 🙂

New year was a quite embarrassing for us, as we genuinely were the most boring people in the world. We went an visited my dad and the kids in the morning but then genuinely didn’t move from the sofa for the whole day and ended up asleep by 11pm! Oops!
We found snoooooow!
Douglas’s little corsa stuck in the snow.


Our annual Xmas Killin Family photo 🙂
2012, year of the Olympics. Its a big year for all athletes and it marks a year that most people have been dreaming of for a long long time. A home games has a larger impact than that any other games due to the home support and attention around the games being heightened massively. I’m excited about the year ahead, small improvements are happening every day and so my initial aim still remains – to be on the start line of the 2012 Olympic games. 2011 has been a really tough year for me, not only with injury but with other problems out-with my control. I believe my share of bad luck, surely, must be finished and hope that 2012 is a better year, not only for myself, but also for my family.
Where does this bring me to now? Well… Currently I am down in London at the Olympic Rehab Clinic down at Bisham Abbey. I am here for a week to get everything checked out and to try and increase my training load but under close inspection! Will post more on this over the next few days!
Eilish x

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