I started out this blog as a weekly thing, however I have been so busy with rehab, work and a few other things that I recently keep forgetting to update it! Anyways… I will try and give a bit of a recap of what has been going on over the last 3 weeks.
Christmas Lights in Glasgow
Geroge Sq Xmas Lights
As part of UK Athletics I was asked to go through to Glasgow for the Christmas Lights being switched on. I didn’t realise that myself and Eilidh Child would be dragged on stage in front of hundreds of little kids waiting for some panto show to start! We were questioned about 2014 and the fact that Glasgow Kelvin Hall is going to be hosting the last ever International match for Team GB! Apart from the fact it was minus 100 (slight exaggeration), it was a really nice evening. The train journey on the way home was not so nice. For some unknown reason, we were stopped at Perth and the train then proceeded to wait a full hour at Perth Station before eventually making its way to Dundee. Absolute nightmare.. Scot Rail seemed to be having a few issues that day, went on twitter and there were hundreds of very angry passengers. Some very amusing tweets and it helped pass the time!
My 21st!!!
A select photo from my 21st 🙂

It was my 21st on the 25th November! Decided to have a quiet one (with me having a broken foot an all!) but it was a really good night. I went out for a meal with most of my training group then headed out for a few drinks with some more folk. It had been months since I had seen most of them and so it was nice to get everyone together again like we used to!

With Dynamo!
I received a laptop from my parents (and some other family members).. a macbook air to be precise. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! I think I may be in love with it. My boyfriend also completely spoiled me! Made me pancakes in bed and then gave me a ridiculous amount of presents to open! 🙂 Completely spoiled!


Awards in London
We then made our way to Edinburgh Airport to catch a flight down to the UK Aviva Awards in Westminster, London. It was a really good night apart from my boyfriend freaking out when he lost our flat keys for the night! Very funny looking back, but not very funny at the time! We were extremely lucky to get the chance to meet the world renowned magician Dynamo! Not going to lie, it was pretty amazing. He made me choose a card, sign it, then put it back into the pack. He continued to burn a 10p through the cards and it just happened to stop on my card! Pretty cool.. He did loads of other tricks very close up with loads of us and I have NO idea how he does it. We also had a little visit to the photo booth which was also a lot of fun with all the 70’s and 80’s props to choose from! We were sat at, what turned out to be, a ‘scottish’ table!
I had a really nice birthday in London, getting showed around by Howells family friends who live in Temple. I just wish we could of stayed longer!! One day I will live in London.. Decided!
My little brother
Good news that my little brother is out of hospital and back to being his normal annoying self again! 🙂 The police also managed to get his bike back after someone had stolen it when he was taken into hospital!!
Myself and mum at Sports Awards
As part of my birthday, my mum bought me a ticket to go and see Rihanna in concert- which was unbelievable! If there is one person in the world I could be for the week, Rihanna would definitely be high up that list! The show was a bit x-rated though for some of the children that were sitting next to us. She was grinding away with all these little girls beside us copying her dance moves, slightly weird! Calvin Harris was DJ-ing beforehand as a warm up which was also pretty good!
Scottish Sports Awards – Thistle Hotel, Glasgow
I also had the chance to go along to the awards as my mum was nominated (and won!) the Coach of the Year Award! She volunteers and gives up so much of her time to help our training group and yet gets no rewards apart from our performances, so it was nice to see her receive a bit of recognition after a tough year. Brendan Foster, Walter Smith and Kenny Dalgleish were along the big names whom attended the awards and we had a really good night.
Myself and Howell at Sports Awards
Twice a week for the last month I have been travelling through to LifeFit Physio in Grangemouth to see David Bowmaker. I could not thank him enough for his help with my rehab and thankfully I am back running again! Wooohoooo!! Everything has been built up gradually, from pool running to cross training to running on a trampette to finally jogging! I have managed to build it up to a 3mile run and have been extremely lucky with my foot, it is totally fine with no symptoms whatsoever.
The next week
I am off to London on Wednesday to see Dr down at St Johns Hospital for a quick assessment on wether the foot is strong enough for me to head out to Kenya on the UKA Altitude Training Camp. I believe my foot is gaining more and more strength every day and is quickly progressing, so fingers crossed it all goes well! Hopefully get some last minute (slash start) my Xmas shopping!! I also need to arrange to go over to Belgium to get my orthotics altered incase my running gait has changed due to my ‘new’ foot! It would be ideal for me to get these sorted now, before Xmas, however they are 400Euros plus flights and so I need to start saving! My main reason for wanting to go over to Belgium to get them done is because I have been previously and absolutely swear by them. They completely eradicated all previous issues that I had (as I have really dodgy, boney feet..mmm!) and their whole set up was extremely professional and helpful. for more information..

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