So not much has happened since my last meeting with the surgeon. I am going back sometime next week to see if I can start walking again or not. Fingers crossed I can start weight bearing. The mobility in it has improved so much over the past few days and I am more than happy with the progress, although it is mind-numbing little exercises daily to improve the movement within the joint. I got a little bit of an infection in the top of the scar, I wont go into details as I almost made myself sick even thinking about it! But everything is OK again. Thank jeeeeesus…
Exams are less than a week away, really can’t wait for them to be over! My life has consisted of sleep, eat, pool-run, revise, gym. I am 20 going on 90..  However, it is my 21st (25th of November.. if you are interested) in just over a month and I am hoping that at least I will be back walking by then and maybe be able to have a night out with my friends or at least go out for a meal together. I haven’t done anything with my friends since the start of February! With being away racing so much and then being confined to my flat for the last 7 weeks, I really can’t wait to do something normal! I am going to attempt to get everyone in fancy dress however I don’t know what theme to choose!
       Runners…? Original but… predictable.
       Monkeys and Bananas…? My flatmate Craig thinks this would be hilarious, I am not too keen to dress as either one for my 21st!
       If anyone has a good idea, let me know!

This half of the year has been really weird with two of our flatmates moving out! It has only been in the past week that I have realised how much I really miss all of my old flatmates. At one point there were over 10 of us, all athletes, all living right next door to it. We have had some pretty funny times together, too many to even mention, but it makes me upset to think the situation we were all in for 2 years won’t ever happen again. Many of them have quit the sport, others have just moved closer to the university. We are currently on the lookout for a flatmate though! So anyone in the Carnoustie area, get in touch!
Anyways, I am rambling on. Went proper swimming today for the first time since I was about 10. It wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made. Thought I was going to pass out!  Did 3 lengths front crawl then had to take a break. The way I am speaking you think the pool was a standard sized Olympic pool. I think its 15m… Horrible. I now realise why people hate exercise.  Eventually after a few breaks, I did 60 (in total) then retired from the sport.
I also can’t wait to get back to work again and start making a little bit of money again! No more living off of cereal and pasta. Still on the lookout for a potential sponsor so I will keep this updated with my progress!

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