End of season awards..

Found out that I have been nominated for ‘U23 Athlete of the Year’ at the Scottish Athletics Sports Awards. Think I actually may venture out of my flat for this, as it is the 29th October and I would hope to be walking by then! You get one complimentary ticket for yourself however if you wish to take a family member its an additional £40! Pretty lucky that my mum has also been nominated for ‘Coach of the Year’ and so it may be nice for the two of us to go along for a bit. Hoping that my boyfriend won’t be working and so he can come along too. Lynsey Sharp has also been nominated and so will definitely be the favorite to win after she has had such an outstanding year. Both of us last competed at the Commonwealth Youth Games back in 2008 but then we both had a full year out the sport 2009/10 only to make a return this year.  Very strange that the two of us have had the same time out of sport, due to injury, but both managed to recover in time to have a good year in 2011.
I have also been invited to attend the Scottish Sports Awards through in Glasgow in December. Myself, my mum and my boyfriend are all going along. Can’t wait to get formally dressed up, 3-course meal in a swanky hotel! It has been ages since I’ve been out for a really nice meal. Will post up pictures, if they’re nice…
On another note, a few years ago when I had a knee injury through growing pains, I decided to go over to visit Ger Hartmann. He was my mum’s physiotherapist when she was competing and has helped so many amazing athletes over the years. I was very lucky to be able to set up an appointment with him back at the end of 2009 and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The only reason I am randomly mentioning this is because I emailed him the day before my surgery asking for advice. I was extremely worried about all the different outcomes of breaking my foot and I knew that Ger wouldn’t ‘bullshit me’ and I trust every word that comes out of his mouth. He has this collection of items in his ‘museum’ from all the athletes he has helped in the past. Usain Bolts winning Olympic vest, hand written letter from Haile Gebrselassie, Spikes from several Olympic and World Champions, even a top from Lance Armstrong! Anyways, after seeing loads of physios, Ger with the help of his second man (also named Gerr!) got me back to training with absolutely no pain whatsoever. I don’t know how they do it! Truly gifted people. I am considering going over again if I have any serious issues starting back after my foot has properly healed. When I was last over he gave me a little poem called ‘Don’t Quit’, I still have it in my training diary so if I have time I will post it on here.
“Success is failure turned inside out”

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