Beetroot Brownies

It's safe to say, I now have a beetroot obsession. I remember as a kid, my mum asking (forcing) me to try some and within seconds, I was spitting it back up into the bin, like a small llama. I hated the stuff with a passion! But after battling against injury over the last few … Continue reading Beetroot Brownies

Deliciously Ella – Chocolate Mousse

The Deliciously Ella book has been a fantastic addition to my bookshelves. With trying to reduce the amount of refined sugar I'm eating on a daily basis - her recipes have been extremely helpful and show it's extremely easy to cook nice-tasting food rather than buying it ready made off a supermarket shelf. This has … Continue reading Deliciously Ella – Chocolate Mousse

Berry Smoothie

I have become addicted to fruit smoothies especially as a recovery shake after my training runs. Since i've been doing it, i've definitely picked up less illnesses than previously – perhaps it's a complete coincidence but they're also great tasting so it's not exactly a chore to keep up with!You can pick and choose anything … Continue reading Berry Smoothie