Berry Smoothie

I have become addicted to fruit smoothies especially as a recovery shake after my training runs. Since i’ve been doing it, i’ve definitely picked up less illnesses than previously – perhaps it’s a complete coincidence but they’re also great tasting so it’s not exactly a chore to keep up with!

You can pick and choose anything you want to throw in really – that’s the beauty of it! At the moment – I just use a general hand blender as I haven’t had the time to go out and buy a proper blender!! 

This is one of my favourites. A banana, a splash of apple juice (or any fruit juice), frozen berries, 4 tablespoons of Natural Greek (not greek style) yoghurt bought from Tesco Finest (I’m sure other yoghurts with high protein would also be fine..)

I am not a nutritionist by any means so don’t take this as bible.. but we were advised by a nutritionist that it was a good way of getting in some vitamins and micronutrients alongside some protein and carbs for after running. For me, I definitely feel the benefits.

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