Training in Doha, Daily Mail.

Published 3rd May, Eilish McColgan There have been huge changes within my family life – the biggest being my mother (and coach), Liz, relocating to Doha, Qatar. I thought it was in my best interest to go visit my mum for two weeks in her new surroundings, with the added benefit of having someone monitor … Continue reading Training in Doha, Daily Mail.

The Drug Called Sport

Choice. To willingly select an outcome. A yes or no. Everyone has to make them. Children, teenagers, adults. From a young age the word 'Drugs' didn't mean much to me – other than – 'say no.' - perhaps a little naïve on my behalf but the situation never occurred all throughout my teenage years. However, … Continue reading The Drug Called Sport

Vo2 Testing

Vo2 testing is not something I have focussed on much as an athlete. The only time I have ever participated in the testings are for pre-altitude camps with British Athletics – although the information does fascinate me. My first ever test was in December 2012 followed up in March 2013 after spending a few weeks … Continue reading Vo2 Testing