Hampden – Glasgow 2014 Initivative

With less than 50 days to go until the Commonwealth Games begin – things are definitely starting to become exciting. Today, I witnessed the official opening of the track at Hampden and was extremely honoured to be the first athlete to get my feet on the track. It was an amazing feeling being able to see something that I have seen in computerised pictures – come to life. The stadium really does look the part and it is definitely of the highest quality. The seats arranged in the fashion of the saltire really does hit home how special these games will be for all the Scottish athletes.

It was my first ever time stepping into Hampden, after missing the opportunity to come and experience the Hampden roar at a football match due to my training commitments – so it was a great to be inside and get a feel for how the stadium will be during the Games. I’m sure with the seats backed to the brim – 40,000 full – it will look significantly more petrifying than it did today! Fortunately for me, I will get to compete twice in the new stadium – firstly, at the test event – the Glasgow Diamond League. It will be even more special to me, knowing all my family and friends have managed to get tickets for both events. I don’t get to compete in Scotland very often so to have two competitions this year on my home soil is hugely exciting.

After missing some consistent training due to illness, it was great to have a full months training with no interruptions, out in Park City, Utah. The most recent camp has definitely given me a bit more confidence going into my racing season – knowing that with every training session I do there are significant improvements.
Consistency and improvement is VITAL over these next 50 days heading into the Games and rest assured I am doing absolutely everything within my ability to make sure I am in the best shape of my life and fighting fit on that start-line. 2014 has been a long wait for me and i’m definitely not going to miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Hampden – Glasgow 2014 Initivative

  1. Good Luck will be watching and shouting for you.When I'm over this injuru I have I also want to be focused on one thing and put effort into running well instead of running everything!!!


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