National Hummus Day

After refusing to eat the stuff for years, I’ve slowly become a Hummus addict. Dealing with an injury, which doesn’t allow you to impact – gives you a lot more free time, in between gruelling cross training sessions and being home completely alone for the last fortnight, has given me full reigns of the kitchen!

I have never been an athlete to focus much on their diet but over the last few months – I’ve tried really hard to make a few, minor changes and become a little bit healthier! My first aim was to have some healthy home-made snacks, ready for me to grab, as soon as I finish training – rather than heading to the supermarket in a hungry rampage. 
Last week, I made normal hummus but after buying beetroot for my lunch and having no idea what to do with the leftovers, I found a recipe online for Beetroot Hummus. It gives it a fantastic pink colour and was extremely easy to make…
-Half a tin of chickpeas
-One small beetroot
-Small clove of garlic
-Half of a small red pepper
-Table spoon of Tahini 
-Tea spoon of cumin
-Sprinkle of salt and pepper.

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