This weekend, I attending my first ever BodyPower Expo. The whole event was a little overwhelming with a lot of beefy men wandering around topless and gym bunnies preened to the next level. I didn’t quite fit in but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was working alongside Derby University to promote their Body Composition Scanner. It’s a brilliant piece of equipment and very important for body builders to make sure they are in peak condition for shows. It has also played a role in my own athletics which is why Derby University have a connection with British athletics- as many of the athletes use the machine at certain points throughout the year as a fitness marker.
Not only does it give you an accurate weight but it gives a full body analysis breakdown. For me, it has been important to check my bone density considering I’ve broken yet another bone! Strangely enough, my bone density is very high for a female, but at least it’s a factor we can rule out. It can give an athlete an insight into what exact lean mass and fat mass they perform best at. During injury, it’s important to try and retain as much muscle mass as you can which can be extremely difficult to do – especially with an injury that doesn’t allow you to impact!

I was completely amazed at the vast numbers of people queuing to see their body building or fitness model idols. These people have such a huge following on social media and are giants in the fitness industry. It was a great experience to be a part of and I enjoyed getting the chance to wander round a few of the stalls once we had finished.

It’s definitely not tempted me to be attempting to lift cars anytime soon, I’m happy enough to keep lifting my baby weights but it was definitely an experience nonetheless. I can really admire the effort and dedication these people go through in order to push themselves to the limit, whether for competition or just purely for their own vanity – it’s admirable. The gym to me, is a dreaded place where I spend a few hours every week in order to perform better in what I love doing – running. For these people, the gym is a way of life.

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