This week, I tried my first ever snack box from Healthy Nibbles. It’s a brilliant concept where you can chose three different options; Vegan, Paleo or General Wellbeing – and they send you a selection of delicious treats straight to your door. They are also creating the first ever, healthy vending machine which is a brilliant concept. When you are on the move and the hunger pangs start to kick in, vending machines are always just full of rubbish; fizzy drinks, chocolates, sweets and crisps. I always try to bring my own snacks everywhere I go, especially when travelling abroad to races as it’s difficult to grab healthy and nutritious food on the move. A healthy vending machine would definitely accommodate for people whom are looking for fresh and natural ingredients! Within my General Wellbeing snack box, I received; itsu seaweed thins – (definitely an acquired taste) Snapz – Pineapple crisps – (perfect for snacking, can’t wait to try other fruit flavours!) Vivid Matcha Drink – grape & elderflower – (which was unreal!) Good FullStop Cherry Bar – (really tasty and brilliant for snacking on after training, more of a chewy fruit bar and smooth texture which I liked) And several other treats; FullSizeRender-3 Everything was absolutely delicious. The only thing I didn’t actually try was the Teapigs as I don’t actually drink anything other than diluting juice and water, as I’m not a huge fan of warm drinks – but I’m sure they are also brilliant. It’s definitely worth checking out – if you enjoying trying something different, from some smaller companies you’ve maybe never heard of. It’s a brilliant way to get their product out to people and rival some of the bigger snack brands. A few of these small companies have gained a new follower in me! Follow them on Twitter@healthy_nibbles

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