Orthotics – Runners Service Lab in Belgium

Just got back from Belgium last night and I would like to thank Koen- from Runners Service Lab- for all his help! I must of asked him about 300 different questions but he patiently answered them all! The service they provide is brilliant. I have had to get my orthotics altered, mainly due to my injury, but they have now managed to get my running gait symmetrical and neutral. I have been told to wear either Asics Cumulus or Asics Nimbus shoes as they will provide me with the best support for my ‘dodgy’ feet! 🙂

I will have to return before the start of track season, to check my orthotics again, but to also get a small insert put into my steeplechase spikes. This is to decrease the amount of force going through my foot when I land, coming off the water barrier- makes a lot of sense!

There are several tests they perform, which consist of running along pressure sensors on the ground. They had me walking, jogging and running fast barefoot firstly. Then they repeat the tests with your current trainers/spikes/flats. A back scan is then done in order to test for any problems in leg length or torsion within the hips. Once the orthotics have been made up the exact same tests are then re-run, but with the orthotics in place.

I asked the main guy there, Koen, about 300 questions. But he was so informative and knowledgeable, the whole thing just interested me a lot. Paula Radcliffe is a regular client of theirs. She, however, gets a mould of her feet and then the lab send it over to Nike and they create her spikes and trainers especially for her! Very cool.. I was lucky enough to get a photo.. 🙂

The chinese company Li-ning also get the lab to create special spikes and trainers for some of their top athletes like Yelena Isenbeyeva and Asafa Powell.

I will post some pictures of the back scan and foot scan analysis… (when I have time!). I don’t really know if it will be of interest to anyone.. but I think it’s pretty interesting!! 🙂 

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