Meeting in London..

Things have been a lot better this week. I am back walking about (almost normally) wearing this massive boot. I have even been able to start walking in normal trainers. However this has only been for the marathon distance of about…5 metres. Went into university for an exam the other day and got A LOT of strange stares due to my massive moon boot. It looks like an astronauts boot. To be fair, it’s not a great look. Putting weight through it, initially is quite sore due to the foot being so stiff and quite rigid. There is absolutely no flexibility in the forefoot or toes and so normal walking is a bit of a chore at the moment. I have a meeting with a UKA Doctor down in London on Thursday. Hoping to fly down on the morning and fly home at night, bit of a trip, but I am sure it will be worth it. Cannot wait to get my rehab program started.  I have started slowly replacing my pool sessions with cross training sessions. Things are going well so far, however my legs are already aching with just the slight increase in impact.
My last exam is tomorrow and I cannot wait for it to be over. As soon as it is done I will be free from Uni over the next few months to concentrate on getting myself back fit and healthy! I’m hoping to head over to Kenya for a few weeks at the start of January. I found out today that I have been included on UKA’s World Class Performance Plan, (link below). So happy to have been included on this program and I know that with their help and expertise I will be back running again in no time.
Currently as I type this blog, my boyfriend Howell, my flat mate Craig and his friend James are all upstairs playing ‘Nazi Zombies’. Listening to them get so excited over a game is hilarious although, I am a bit of a loser sitting downstairs on my own watching TV. I miss having girls as flat mates! 
My little brother turned 12 yesterday, so a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!! Although his hair cut is slowly becoming more and more Justin Beiber-esque. I have tried to persuade him several times to cut it but it’s obviously ‘cool’ for his age. Supposedly driving about on a tiny bike is also ‘cool’, he has told me this is called a BMX and is no ordinary bike as “it can do tricks and stuff…” I feel like an old woman, its horrible. Anyways if you are reading this Martin you need a hair cut and a proper bike. Haha. My little sister on the other hand is walking around the house like a little Paris Hilton, also very funny. I sort of miss living at home, however I do live so close to them that I can still see them every day, but can leave as quickly as I entered!

In other news.. my mum has a brand new website. Have a quick look on:
Will post another little update after my meeting down in London.

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