On this day exactly 20 years ago..


On this day in 1991, Liz McColgan, won the World 10,000 metres final by more than 20 secs. To win a world championship is some feat, but to win by more than 20 seconds is near unheard of.

Have been watching the athletics non-stop. As usual there is always drama. I have never agreed with the one false start rule. I cannot imagine the amount of pressure and nerves that these people go through, especially the final of a mens 100m. Every single camera, spectator, journalist, athlete are all watching. Theres a lot of noise, distractions and flashing lights. With the big name of Usain Bolt in it. He draws in crowds and for him to be out the race, it puts a slight downer on the events. Dwain Chambers, Christine Ohuruogu and many more have fallen to this rule in these championships alone and it was quite upsetting scenes to see athletes that have trained all year round to be put out by a minor mistake. I believe everyone should be given a chance, 2 and you are out!

Watching Mo Farah’s race was so so good, don’t think i have ever screamed at the TV so much. To see someone give their all and yet still it is just not enough is unfortunate. But it will make him stronger and keep the desire there for next year, London 2012! Also a big fan of Bekele so i hope he gets back to his former world-class status!

Welldone to everyone so far. It has been amazing to watch. Especially the amount of brits that have made finals. C’moooooooon GB!

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