On the way up!

Tue 16th August 2011
Things could only possibly get better and slightly happier since my last post! Surgery was just less than a week ago and I was told by the surgeon that it went ‘well’, I have no idea what that means but it’s a positive! I was very nervous about going into surgery as I had never gone under general anesthetic before but soon my nerves turned into me being totally knocked out. Next thing I remember I could hear a wee mans voice but had no idea where it was coming from! Then as I got moved back into my ward, a few of my training partners were all there to visit me. So lovely of them and I cant thank them enough for all their help but I had no idea what any of them were chatting about and I was falling asleep every two seconds! I could hardly make out any of their faces. Very strange.
Next morning I felt pretty good even though I wasn’t on many painkillers, but my foot and half way up my leg was totally numb and so I wasn’t allowed home until all feeling had returned. MY JESUS I was happy I didn’t go home, that night I thought I was dying. Never ever in my life have I experienced such pain. All day I was complaining about how my toes felt very numb in the cast and at 2am it started to feel like my toes were being crushed! So I called the nurse who gave me some painkillers but they made no difference. Eventually after a few hours the Dr came up and took the front half of the cast off. This gave me some relief and I managed to nap for 30mins but at around 4am the back of my foot started to get the same pain. Like a sharp burning sensation across my Achilles. The nurses did all that they could and gave me two doses of liquid morphine but 3 hours later the pain was still the exact same. After a few hours of me crying and crying and a serious amount of complaining my surgeon came on shift. Within 2 seconds of seeing my foot he removed the cast, instantly the pain shifted. I couldn’t believe the change and that day I was allowed home. Since being home I have been on paracetamol only and now today I have taken myself off all the painkillers.
It is so so nice to be home although I have never been so bored in my entire life; there is literally nothing to do! Watched 8 episodes of America’s Next Top Model in a row and there is only so much Tyra Banks you can take in a day. Not being able to exercise or even move is killing me. Went to make myself cereal the other day when my boyfriend was out, but it resulted in me sitting on the floor of the kitchen making it, crawling about to get the milk from the fridge then proceeding to eat, sitting on the floor like some sort of gremlin. Showering is also a massive issue. I feel like and old woman. I am so stubborn that yesterday, I went through to the kitchen an attempted to open a can on tuna (bearing in mind that I HATE tuna but it was the only ‘food’ in my cupboard), my flat mate Craig asked if he could help me, I declined but then went to slice open my finger. This also resulted in me sitting on the floor eating my tuna but with a throbbing finger.
Every year my training group gets a 3-week break from athletics where we usually organise to meet up and do something that normal people do without having to think about training. So it’s a bit rubbish that this year I’m missing any fun things or nights out that are happening! Heading to a nightclub in my crutches and moon boot probably isn’t a good look but I’ve had my few years of partying and living a student life and although lying in my bed all day long isn’t exactly what I would LOVE to be doing, I know its what I NEED to be doing in order to get better.
At the moment I am still on no funding or sponsorship, which is a bit of a bummer as at the moment I cant even work my part time job with this injury! I have also decided to take the year out of Uni to concentrate on getting myself back fit and healthy for next years games. I can always go back and finish my degree whenever and to be honest I’m really unsure as to what sort of job I want to go into! Maybe I’ll be like Van Wilder (without the partying) and stay a student for the rest of my life! Who knows..
On another note my nails have never been painted so much in their entire life.

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