The dreaded DNF

The dreaded DNF. In all my years of running I have avoided getting a DNF next to my name but unfortunately I didn't finish my last race. Mentally, it's been a tough one to get over. I’m usually really strong minded and tend to push through anything that is troubling me, so pulling out of … Continue reading The dreaded DNF

Back on track again

Very rarely does life follow the path we intend it to and in athletics, it seems to be even more uncertain. Over the last three weeks I've gone from executing plan A with military precision, to currently having to resort to an unprecedented plan H. My first two weeks in Flagstaff couldn't have gone better … Continue reading Back on track again

10,000m Debut

I knew it was going to be challenging running my first 10,000m on the track. Timing wise, it perhaps wasn't the smartest idea to take it on so soon after the European Indoors.  However, doing one at this stage will allow me to focus on the shorter distances in preparation for the World Championships in … Continue reading 10,000m Debut

Back To Altitude

Maintaining peak fitness is a very thin line to tread. Often when you are in the best physical shape of your life, you're also most susceptible to picking up an injury or illness. I was really looking forward to the prospect of spending a gruelling three weeks up in the high altitude of Kenya with … Continue reading Back To Altitude

Doha Sunshine

It's amazing how quickly a three week stint of training can pass by. I'm now approaching my last few days in Doha, Qatar with another training camp on the horizon. First up, I have a 10k race early on Friday morning. And when I say early, I mean EARLY. It will be the earliest I've … Continue reading Doha Sunshine

Wintering Well

Winter is well and truly underway and although we hadn’t planned for me to race until 24 November (a 4 mile road race in Manchester, USA), I actually ended up racing a 10k race at the beginning of the month. My coach, being the hard task-master she is, entered me for The Leeds Abbey Dash … Continue reading Wintering Well

Olympic Diary – Rio 2016

And in an flash - it's over. Four years of preparation.The hard graft of training, the blood, the sweat, the blisters and the tears...all for one moment. There is no question that every single athlete toeing the start line has survived the roller-coaster of injuries and illnesses. With dogged determination, they've made it to the … Continue reading Olympic Diary – Rio 2016