Barr Beacon School Sportivate

This was my second visit to Barr Beacon School in Walsall as part of an initiative with Sporting Champions – Sportivate. I joined the school to take part in their athletics component. The first visit we covered the 800m, sprints and javelin with the second visit covering discus and triple jump. It was amazing to see how talented some of the children were but they were a little low on confidence. After going through a typical warm up – the kids were then encouraged to try some ‘pace work’. It’s important in the 800m to try and run the full distance without stopping – which means being able to pace yourself! The children were encouraged to run 100m but in a certain amount of time (much slower than their sprint) – pacing! They then took the challenge of attempting the full 800m. Some of the children did really well and managed to cover the full distance without stopping, under the target time of 2 minutes 40. Others found it much more taxing and had to take a few rests along the way but it was important to stress that no one gave up. Everyone made the effort to finish on what was a very hot and humid day in Birmingham!

Discus has never been my forte. The skill of throwing is something I lack – never mind the strength aspect! Again the children all did really well to pick up the technical aspects of the event and were pro’s by the end! Moving onto the Triple Jump it was encouraging to see how much effort, all of the children were putting in. They wanted to impress. The smallest girl was hugely impressive. She was like a kangaroo – extremely springy! Just goes to show that athletes come in all shapes and sizes! It’s important to note that in athletics, if running isn’t for you – pick another event. I can guarantee there is an event for everyone – so the main focus of the day was to have a go! Thank you to all the PE staff for being so helpful and to all the kids I met for being so lovely, kind and engaging!

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