As part of an initiative with Sports 4 All – I had my first school visit in Leicester to Little Hill Primary School. It was a really exciting morning with over 100 kids coming through the doors to take part in our Circuit Challenge!

Everyone was really enthusiastic and encouraging each other which was lovely to see. It’s a high energised hour with loud music – making the event FUN! It’s so important for the children to have a positive experience whilst keeping fit and active.

At the end of the challenge the children finally got the chance to have a breather and listen to my talk about athletics. I covered my experiences within the sport, my diet and how important it is to keep active – filled with loads of pictures and videos to show exactly what the steeplechase consists of! They were especially excited to pass around my pink spikes and medals!

With a few of the children (and teachers!!) coming up to the front of the assembly to give some demonstrations on my athletics drill – it really was a fun-filled morning and kept us all amused! The kids also grilled me at the end with a 20 minute Q&A – some of the questions were brilliant. Very insightful and thought out – so I hope I managed to answer them thoroughly!

Looking forward to my next visit!

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