Who would YOU choose?

It’s been a good few weeks since I’ve had a proper conversation with another human being, other than over text message or Skype. Injuries can make a person go insane! But the other day, I popped along to the Physio room, for a quick 5minute catch up with the doctor. There was a good debate going on amongst the athletes and staff, which I was quickly dragged into. I thought it was a brilliant question.

If you had ONE enquiry, to find out if any athlete (past or present) was doping – who would it be?
My initial instinct was to go for the fastest man the world has ever seen, Usain Bolt. I would love to believe he is clean but it would definitely be my ear marked athlete to question – just to find out for definite how fast man really can go, naturally! The more I thought about it, the more other sportspeople came to the forefront of my mind. All of the athletes had different ones that they would enquire about and it was really interesting to listen to all the differing opinions. One thing is for sure though, drugs are ruining the sport we all love. 

So, who would you choose?! And why?!
Post your comments below… 

11 thoughts on “Who would YOU choose?

  1. My mind initially runs straight to Usain Bolt as it would be brilliant to know for sure that is the fastest speed humanely possible over 100m, though I'm sure I wouldn't have to waste my enquiry as it looks as though everyone else would choose him………. purely from a – 'the rest of the world' perspective I would love for Paula's 2015 record to be definitively proved to be clean. There is no doubt in my mind she's a clean athlete and I believe 100% that was (and all of her records and achievements) are those of a natural, passionate, dedicated athlete with superb form but I do get tired of insinuations from others when I go on a 'I love Paula' rant ha ha ha particularly about the marathon WR.


  2. Very emotive subject, I would go for lasse viren. He was either the master of peaking for championships or the master of doping. I'd like to think the master at peaking and therefore we can learn a great deal about how he prepared and got the best out of himself every four years or so.


  3. No way!!! You only give us one person!! No fair! But a brilliant question I have to agree! And one which is already being hotly debated on the IWOAAR forum!Well I agree sprinters are always interesting – but for me it has to be middle distance – and since these were my inspirations for my sub 4 miles, Seb or Steve Ovett. So I will say Seb Coe, and I want to include blood doping in there too! Great debate….and good luck on your injury recovery – we are rooting for you!


  4. What about Mo…He was a middle of the pack athlete then suddenly a world champ…Also think there is more to Paula than meets the eye! World record run at her home town, and then didn't finish or really bombed out in the other big races she ran!!! to many questions for me!!!


  5. I agree, I would love to prove that some of the records are clean – especially Paula's. I would be completely shocked if it wasn't. She's a huge inspiration to all runners and such an advocate for a drug free sport! 🙂


  6. It would definitely be interesting to add blood cleansing and doping into the mix to see what the differences would be! Thanks for the kind words – I'm hoping things are slowly progressing in the right direction finally!


  7. I would like to think you were incorrect but as I said earlier – drug cheats are unfortunately prevalent throughout our sport which makes it so difficult as then EVERYONE is under scrutiny even though the majority are hopefully clean! 😦


  8. The saddest thing is that some cheats we will never know…Then what about Florence Griffith-Joyner? built like you the one year, and like arnold schwarzenegger the next… Oh and then she died aged 38! to many questions for me…Now one thing you need to remember is that there is cheating and then there is cheating: The sports bodies draw a line in the sand (so to speak) and say it is legal to have a count of 10 (of what ever they are checking). Now while most people's count is only 3 or 4 some peoples count could be as high as 8 or 9, so the people with a count of 3 or 4 take drugs to push their count up to 8 or 9, that's legal, but cheating…


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