Throughout school I never had a huge deal of confidence. I always talked myself out of things and had a low opinion of my capabilities. Over the years, sport has taught me many lessons but it’s also brought out certain attributes and qualities, ones I didn’t know I possessed. Although sport has given me some of the happiest memories, it’s also brought around some of my darkest moments. These highs and lows are what have carved me into a strong and driven female; my journey is only beginning.

I was asked to attend a workshop, set up by Michelin Tyres Dundee, to inspire young females aged 12-16 in the surrounding areas. Although I have done several school assemblies and athletics workshops before, this was completely different and I was excited to be a part of it. Taking a similar format to speed dating – each table had up to 10 young girls from numerous schools across Dundee. Every ten minutes, a bell would ring to signal it was time to move to the next table. The workshop was a lot more intimate than previous events I have been to and the girls had the opportunity to, not only listen to my story but ask any questions they wanted. Alongside me, were women from all walks of life, successful within their desired fields; a retired surgeon, a firefighter, a lawyer, a news reporter, a charity worker, the list goes on. It was to show the young girls; you can be whatever YOU want to be. Nothing can put a halt to your dreams, other than yourself.

CPlvEXRWwAALNWGThe young girls had so many brilliant questions. Obviously not everyone was interested in sport, some absolutely hated it!…But the message from every woman was the exact same. We all have choices in life. If you want something enough and put the effort in – you’ll be rewarded. They’re are so many opportunities in the world – so don’t restrict yourself. It’s important for the girls to create goals, something for them to aim at and to follow whatever passion they may have; whether it be sport, music, drama or the likes.

‘Aim for the highest cloud, so that if you miss it, you will hit a lofty mountain.’

Modern technology has definitely made growing up a lot harder. Kids these days are faced with added pressures that many of us never had. Social media has definitely created many of these issues. I sometimes notice myself being sucked into it all, however, it’s vital to keep an outlook of what is genuinely important. Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner changing their hair colour really shouldn’t be the talking point of your day. Social meia allows us to post what we want others to perceive about our lives; success, money, beauty but doesn’t show what truly matters – values, morals and character. Everyone will have an opinion of you wether it be good or bad and social media leaves us open and vulnerable to this. Personally, I enjoy social media…but I hold a perspective on it. Life and especially sport, can be a roller-coaster. You never know what other people are going through; be kind, smile and focus on the being the most successful you that you can be.

Naturally, the day ended with about 50 ‘selfies’ (obviously!!) of which I was more than happy to oblige! It was a brilliant day and even if i’ve managed to only reach one girl out of the 100 present – I’ll be satisfied.

Make sure the mark you leave on this world, is one of which you would be proud of.

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