In the lead up to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games – I took part in three different corporate talks alongside Lindsay’s Solicitors. It was a unique opportunity for their clients to get insight from three individuals, all involved in the Games but from completely different angles. I was joined on the panel by Nigel Holl – Chief Executive of Scottish Athletics and Stephen Maguire – Head coach of Team Scotland.

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After the workshops – a quick Q&A with one of the client’s kids – an aspiring runner, Mia.

Each talk started with a discussion, regarding our thoughts on the prominent Games and what we were hoping to achieve from them. It was then opened up to the floor for questions. The response we got was brilliant – so many insightful questions covering my training methods, hopes for the future and family life. We visited Dundee (my hometown), Edinburgh and Glasgow with around 100 people attending each workshop.

Nigel Holl, Stephen Maguire and Ian Beattie

It was also evident to see the similarities between sport and business. The same qualities needed to be a successful athlete are exactly what a business should look for in their employees. Determined, driven, focussed are the attributes needed to prosper. It was also noticeable the similarities between planning. As an athlete, I need to create a long-term plan. It states all the goals I want to achieve in my career but within that, it is broken down into smaller short-term aims. These are the vital stepping stones to that final outcome. I forecast for the year ahead and note down exactly what I want to achieve. Obviously, these plans are never set in stone. Sometimes you achieve your targets, sometimes you don’t – due to numerous factors. It is then essential to sit down, re-evaluate things and either change those goal posts or create new ones. Business is no different to this. Things evolve and we need to adapt to change. Change is the game and we all have to play it to our best abilities.

Thank you to Lindsay’s for their support throughout 2014!

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my experiences over these three different workshops and look forward to doing something similar in the near future!

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