Den’s Road Primary School Talk

Eilish McColgan

Dens Road had a very special visitor at our assembly today. Eilish McColgan took time out of her busy Olympic training schedule to come and talk to us about how sport can give us some very positive experiences. She told us how important it is to set goals and try our very best to achieve them and this is for all aspects of life not just sport.
What did you find interesting/remember about Eilish’s talk?
Good luck with your training Eilish From P4/5.

7 Responses to “Eilish McColgan”

  • Matthew McRitchie

    I thought it was fun learning about Eilish McColgan.It was cool how she might be going to the olymoics.
  • The steeple chase must be very hard.It must of hurt braking foot.
  • I agree Matthew it is really exciting meeting someone who we may be watching on TV representing Great Britain at the Olympics.
  • Robbie Johnson

    Elish McColgan’s visit was really interesting and surprising. It has made me look forward in watching the Olympics.
  • Elish McColgn was very interesting i like that it is one in a life time to be in the olympics
  • Hello Primary 4/5
    What a lucky class you are with lots of visitors over the last few months. Has Miss McKay been relaxing?
    I really enjoyed the visit from Eilish McColgan too. I learned so much about her event and have my fingers crossed that she will make the Olympic Team. I remember watching her mum at the Olympics when I was little. I wonder if she has inspired any of you boys and girls to become athletes and maybe one day I will see you competing in the Olympics too.
    Keep up the hard work
    Mrs Cassidy
  • i enjoyed it when eilish mccolgan came in and my gran worked with liz mccolgan

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